Revenues of all local self-governments

On this page you can find information about the gross domestic product, total public revenues and the receipts structure of all local self-governments over the years.

Revenue indicators
Local revenues as percentage of GDP
Total public revenues as percentage of GDP
Local revenues as percentage of total public revenues

Local self-government receipts structure

Local self-government's receipt are the moneys collected by the local self-government in order to cover for public expenditures, i.e. for performing its functions, to meet the needs of citizens.

Shared revenues

Shared revenues include revenues from PIT tax, property sale tax, concession and other charges for utilisation of assets of common interest awarded by the central government, in line with this Law and annual registration fees for vehicles, tractors and trailers.

Receipts from transfers

Transfers are non-repayable receipts for which there is no obligation of a counter-service.